Group exercises

How to make a reservation

There is no need to make a reservation for the group classes in the big studio, as the capacity is large, and is good to arrive at least 10 minutes prior the class.

However, it is recommended to make a reservation for the classes in the small studio, because the capacity is much smaller.

Making reservations with the online system

To make a reservation, you have to create an account. You do not have to have a membership or have pre-paid classes. You only need to fill in your name, email and phone number.

However, bare in mind that
you can cancel your reservation free of charge no later than 12 hours prior your class.
Otherwise your account will be suspended and with your next visit you will be charged 100% of your reserved class.

You can make reservations up to 7 days prior and add maximum of 3 reservations for one class using one account. If you need any help, move or cancel your reservation, please call us (604 64 64 66, 224 267 556).