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For making your exercise even more effective, it is crucial for your body to regenerate.


In our fitness centre you can find a dry Finnish sauna, made of scandinavian spruce, with benches made of special wood, which does not get hot. The sauna is for maximum of 6 people.!

To what extend does sauna help your body?

The hot environment will make you body temperature rise up to 38°C, meaning that your termo-regulating mechanisms in your body will increase your heart beat frequency, roughly from 70 beats/min to 122 beats/ min.

To cool down your body, the sweat will occur and with every 0,5 l of water, you lose around 2g sodium. However, the toxins are not lost during this process.!

Moreover, your body will start producing endorphins, thus “hormones of good mood”, so you will feel physically and psychologically relieved

Increasing your body temperature to 38°C activates cardiovascular and immune system, meaning that it will fasten the biochemical reaction in your body, which strengthen your immune system as the white blood cells are being divided much faster. This lasts for 6-7 days, so it is needed to use the sauna regularly. That is why in Finland they have Sauna Saturdays.

How to use the sauna:

  • It is recommended to have a shower before entering the sauna
  • Use the white sheets when sitting at the sauna!
  • It is recommended to lie down, as your body will be heating equally and your had will not overheat
  • Stay in the sauna for 8 - 12min
  • Afterwards, have a cold shower
  • Then follows a relaxation, which should be as long as your stay in the sauna
  • Repeat the entire process 3 times

Sauna is for everyone, however, do not use it during an illness.

SAUNA 1 person
90 minut 290 Kč
120 minut 320 Kč


Private up to 2 people

90 minut 750 Kč
120 minut 900 Kč
90 minut 1 600 Kč
120 minut 1 850 Kč

We accept credit cards.

Rent of the sheets are included in the price. 

We accept vouchers SODEXO, TICKET and UNIŠEK.